The priSM® Institute features at the itSMF SEE Region Conference

priSM® featured prominently with Suzanne van Hove (FSM), discussing the relative merits of the institute.  This was later followed up with an in depth and highly interactive workshop on professional development. Other priSM® credential holders presented at the conference, including;

  1. Colin Rudd (FSM), ex-itSMFI board member
  2. David Cannon (FSM), itSMFI chairman
  3. David Clifford (FSM), Vice-President of the Global priSM® Institute
  4. Hon P. Suen (DPSM), itSMFI priSM® portfolio holder

Other SEE region itSMF chapters expressed a strong desire to be involved with the upcoming expansion of priSM®.  For more details please visit the priSM Institute website:
Next year, the SEE Region conference moves to Athens in Greece...