ISO/IEC 20000

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Great article Noel, I fully agree ctneoxt is essential. 97% availability – no one would want to drive a car that only crashes twice a month.We will always have a problem turning information into knowledge if we don’t first classify a request properly.I often ask the simple question to ICT specialists Do you record how much time you are spending on a request . (The response is often we don't have the time to do that').If you get “I am too busy”, try asking. What have been the top10 services taking up your resources this week Or What have been the top10 root causes of incidents this week?

EXIN's ITSM program for Executive Consultant Managers according to ISO/IEC 20000

Leading international service managers agree that the executive level in EXIN’s ITSM program is a rigorous assessment of top-level IT management skills. IT Professionals who have earned the certificate for Executive Consultant Manager in ITSM according to ISO/IEC 20000 (IS20ECM) have demonstrated they have the competencies to work at the highest levels of an organization, evaluating and implementing complex IT service strategies.

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