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Terms & Conditions

1. All purchases through the e-Bookstore are subject to the IT Governance Terms & Conditions (available at


Everything will be supported by our experienced and friendly global sales and service partners at IT Governance. Please go to where you can find the IT Governance Customer Service details.

Delivery schedule

Once your order has been placed and payment is confirmed, you can expect your order will be delivered to your mailing address.

Instructions to use

1. You can visit the e-Bookstore by clicking the e-Bookstore link 

IT Governance Bookshop

IT Governance e-Bookstore (operated by our e-Bookstore partner, IT Governance Ltd) will give you an excellent book purchase experience. All members of itSMF Serbia will receive a 15% discount on all products in the e-Bookstore, which is denominated in Euros and ships from a Benelux warehouse.

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