Operations Management

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Great article Noel, I fully agree ctneoxt is essential. 97% availability – no one would want to drive a car that only crashes twice a month.We will always have a problem turning information into knowledge if we don’t first classify a request properly.I often ask the simple question to ICT specialists Do you record how much time you are spending on a request . (The response is often we don't have the time to do that').If you get “I am too busy”, try asking. What have been the top10 services taking up your resources this week Or What have been the top10 root causes of incidents this week?


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BrightTalk Application Management Summit - Free online event

In today's IT landscape, applications are becoming more complex as new technologies and environments such as cloud computing and mobile are being introduced. Managing these applications effectively allows enterprises to understand service health performance and mitigate issues before they impact the business. Join industry experts at this online event at http://www.brighttalk.com/summit/applicationmanagement to hear best practices for optimizing application management, no matter the environment, to increase cost-savings and the quality of your service delivery.

Business Systems Support Manager at Vip Mobile d.o.o.

As a Business Systems Support Manager I'm acting in the functional Area of the CTO with the scope as follows:• Heading Business Systems Support and Service Desk units• Service Level Manager and Change Manager for all business systems• Operational owner of the business systems• Plan budget & maintenance costs on the business systems• Coordinate and agree on Intercompany Commercial Agreements withinMobilkom Austria Group for systems operations• Coordinate support and operational effort for the business systems

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