4th Regional South East Europe itSMF Conference in Sarajevo

27/05/2010 09:00

The 4th Regional itSMF Conference, taking place May 27-28, 2010 at Hotel Europe in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Following the three regional conference hosted by Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia, this year regional conference is hosted by itSMF Bosnia and Herzegovina Chapter. Please find main event topics and the registration form attached, while more information about this event is coming shortly!

Conference main topics
The main topic of this year conference will be based to adopt a Green IT strategy including:
·         Climate Change
·         Dangerous and exploitive working practices
·         The effect of hazardous waste use and disposal
·         Consumption of precious resources such as oil, gas and water
Identifying and understanding an organization’s external drivers and opportunities for greening its IT including:
·         Political
·         Environmental
·         Social and
·         Legal
Identify and understand an organization’s internal drivers, opportunities and benefits of adopting Green IT strategy including:
·         Cost
·         Reputation and
·         Culture
This is a must-attend event for….
ü      itSMF chapter members
ü      ITSM professionals
ü      Chief Executive Officers
ü      Chief Information Officers
ü      Chief Operating Officers
ü      Senior IT Executives
ü      Management Consultants
ü      Senior Government Officials
ü      Industry Analysts
ü      Education & Research Scientists
Sponsorships available
Each conference sees an array of marketing opportunities in the form of sponsorships. The Conference is an ideal way of getting your brand presented to the dedicated service management market.

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