Career Services


In line with itSMF International service portfolio and leveraging our partnership with MSS Staffing Services (, itSMF Serbia offers the following ITSM Career Services to its members:

  • Searchable database of jobs, work experience and part-time temporary vacances in IT Service Management.
  • A database of ICT companies, potential employers and mentors offering help in finding respective jobs.
  • A list of all career-related events, skills sessions and fairs covering the IT Service Management industry.
  • A discussion forum where all members can get help with their CV, building their profile or simply to be pointed out in the right direction of suitable companies in the ITSM market place.
  • Various Webinars and Virtual Conferences that will help you gain employment or work experience in the ITSM industry.

Once you find a position you are interested in, assuming you are a registered itSMF member, please contact us by sending an email to or using the contact form on our website ( and quote the respective job opportunity under the category Career Services, so you can get instructions how to proceed with your job application. Thank you.
The current ITSM job opportunities are listed in attachements below.

System_Analyst_job_description.pdf60.23 KB
System_Architect_job_description.pdf55.02 KB