Instructions to use

1. You can visit the e-Bookstore by clicking the e-Bookstore link 

2. First time visitors to the e-Bookshop will be required to open a new account. This is easy. Go to and follow the onscreen guidance. You can also do this as part of the automated checkout process.

3. My Account also enables you to manage addresses, track orders, manage payments, leave feedback and place further orders.

4. All members of itSMF Serbia prior to 2011 already have an account. This has to be activated on the first visit by going to,  entering your email address, changing the password and adding any other required information.

5. New members of itSMF Serbia should create an account, as above, and then email membership number details to so that membership privileges can be applied to the account.

6. Independent visitors can also purchase from the e-Bookstore but will not qualify for a discount. If you are not already a member, and want to join, find out how by contacting itSMF Serbia on 

7. A copy of your purchase will be forwarded to itSMF Serbia, for future reference, whereas your order will be processed directly by IT Governance Ltd, who will be responsible for all operational aspects, including payment and shipping to your preferred address.
8. You can use MasterCard, Visa, Amex or PayPal to purchase from this store. Some organisations can also purchase using a PO and other online electronic payment options are also available. For more information on payment options, please see
9. Digital products will be delivered to your registered email address; physical products will be delivered to your preferred shipping address and you can select express or standard shipping options.

Everything will be supported by our experienced and friendly global sales and service partners at IT Governance. IT Governance will work to ensure you receive your products quickly and efficiently.