ITSM Knowledge Sharing

There is no single website that gives you a complete overview of all information on quality ITSM on the web. Therefore we have done some exploration and tried to come up with a list of references where you can acquire additional information.

ITSM Starting Points

IT Service Management on Wikipedia

ITIL, ISO 20000 and BS15000 - explanation of the relation between ISO/IEC 20000, BS15000 and ITIL

ISO 20000 Central - more information about the ISO/IEC 20000 standard - extensive background information on ITSM processes

The Itil and ITSM Directory is intended to serve as a start point for your ITIL/ITSM needs

The ITSM Encyclopedia is a portal that offers definitions and explanations of all the major IT Service Management related terms, phrases, concepts and supporting entities

ITSM Frameworks & Standards

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

Applications Services Library (ASL)

Business Information Services Library (BiSL)



Six Sigma

ISO/IEC 20000 (IT Service Management)

ISO/IEC 27000 series (information security)

ITSM Blogs

The IT Skeptic - A sceptical view on the ITSM industry and developments

ITSM now! is a discussion forum for topics relating to IT Service Management.

Core ITSM is an approach to ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000 Service Management that focuses on the key requirements of successful Business IT alignment.

ITSM for the real world is a blog by Shane Carlson, a Senior Consultant with Pepperweed Consulting.

The ITSM oasis is a blog that deals with tips, Gotchas and Information sharing for all who are learning ITIL and/or are on the IT Service Management(ITSM) implementation journey.

Jayne Explains - ITSM Academy's President explains the latest developments in IT Service Management and ITSM education.

ITSM Professor's blog is a positive place to share IT Service Management knowledge and insight.

Platen is a blog by whose tagline is "where technology meets common sense".

John M Willis is a widely read thinker in the IT Management space

ITSM View is an ITSM-related blog that takes a critical look at things.

Vinod Agrasala's ITSM / ITIL Blog is a personal blog with observations, learnings, musings, concerns regarding ITSM that originate from his day to day professional life in India.

Bryan Shoe's Blog on ISO/IEC 20000 - Bryan Shoe is part of the development team of the ITSM qualification program according to ISO/IEC 20000.


ITSM Portal

ITSM Watch


EXIN's newspage