itSMF International CLC and EGM in Madrid, June 21st and 22nd.


itSMF International is organizing a Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC) in Madrid on June 21st and 22nd, and will also hold an EGM, Extraordinary General Meeting on the 22nd June at 1300 UTC.

In line with our commitment to engage,  interact and communicate with our Chapters on a regular and more effective basis, the reason for the Extraordinary General Meeting is to change the rules of our Forum to enable voting by members at General Meetings of the Forum through Electronic Communications media – replacing the present unwieldy rules requiring members to be present to vote or to lodge a proxy to vote.

We believe that this change will enable more chapters to be involved and to exercise their right to vote at future general meetings, many of which we propose to hold by electronic media.
A representative from itSMF Serbia is attending both CLC and EGM sessions.
Further information and any decisions made will be announced prompty.