Quick Guide to Effective Posts

Create Content
You can have a Profile, but otherwise you should only Blog. If you have an important item of News, or an Event, contact us.
Use Taxonomy

  • It's mainly optional but helps your post be found in the future.
  • Audience - you have to choose one. Unless you have a good reason otherwise, choose Public.

There is a text editor that allows italic, bold and bullets. Also links.
Adding image is a little more complex. You have your own image store on the site, and must first put your images there.
Using Images (New Image)

  • Click tree icon.
  • Click the file dir icon.
  • Choose Upload and then add file.
  • Highlight the file and choose Send to Editor
  • Click Insert.

Using an Uploaded image file

  • Tree icon/file dir icon, highlight the file and choose Send to Editor / Insert.

Minor bug - file names don't always display, but if you highlight a file it appears below so it's easy to find the right one. Not really an issue for people with small numbers of images.