priSM - Professional Recognition in Service Management


The mission of The priSM Institute® (why we exist) is to promote professional recognition of Service Management professionals based on their experience, educational achievements and professional activities.
Using a defined global scheme to award credentials, Service Management professionals can plan and manage their continuing professional development. Additionally, the credential scheme provides
Bullet A level of assurance for the Service Management customer or employer,
Bullet Promotes the profession of Service Management, and
Bullet Sdvances the Service Management Body of Knowledge.
The vision of The priSM Institute® (what we want to be) is to be the acknowledged and definitive authority for recognizing and credentialing Service Management professionals worldwide.
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priSM - Professional Recognition in Service Management is a unique 'credentialing' scheme aimed at IT service management professionals. The programme provides a framework and guidance for continual professional development while building upon the member's existing training, certification, education, and experience.
The attainment of the five levels of priSM credential demonstrates how far the individual has progressed within service management and provides a standard international structure for gauging professional progress.
The main features of the priSM scheme include:
Bullet Five levels of credential - Student, Associate, Professional, Distinguished Professional and Fellow in Service Management.
Bullet Post-nominals corresponding to each of the credential levels.
Bullet Worldwide recognition - priSM is sponsored by itSMF International and is being rolled out through itSMF chapters across the world under the control of the priSM Institute.
Bullet Ongoing development - holders of priSM credentials must continue to 'earn' that credential through annual Continual Professional Development activity.
The priSM Institute® supports its credential holders by :
Bulletpromoting their standing in the industry
Bulletrecognising performance of ITSM professionals through the award of an earned credential
Bulletapplication of a professional code of ethics
Bulletdefining a globally recognised benchmark for the performance of ITSM professionals
Bulletrequiring and enabling them to use our continual professional development program
Bulletproviding opportunities to be mentored and also to support the development of other credential holders
Membership of priSM is open to all registred itSMF members. For more information about priSM, please see the attached priSM Press Release, Broshure and Credential Handbook, or visit the official priSM Institute website

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